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Be inspired, challenged, encouraged and motivated from stories around the country of like-minded friends who are also ministering and reaching out. If you would like to submit your own story – please send us an email.

"If you go to the barber shop enough times, you are eventually going to get a haircut" - Brian, on whether it's possible to grow up in the inner city and not do drugs.
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One of my annual new year’s goals is to put to memory and the extraordinary application of one particular Biblical passage. This past fall, our Sunday school class has been going line upon line in the book of first Timothy. Just before the New Year, God impressed a particular passage on my heart for 2010.
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Here is a ministry highlight from Bruce Knutson in Minneapolis, MN. Bruce is Metro staff who works in close partnership with the Navs Collegiate ministry in order to see people continue their walk with Jesus through their lives
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A Story from Mary Berg.
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A Story from Miranda Hinrichs in Minneapolis.
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A year ago Trish Schneider's friend, Jaime (not her real name) called, she wanted to be in the Word. They decided to begin a Bible study with just the two of them. Before they got started, Mary (not her real name), was referred to Trish when she moved to town.
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Doug Olson lives in Minneapolis and he shares a story.
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Here is a story from Joe Komarek and friends about Minneapolis/St. Paul. Joe works with business men in the area.
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