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I hold a quarterly artist gathering in Astoria, NY called Works In Progress. It's at a cafe that already has a large crowd of regulars made up of musicians, actors, comedians, etc. I worked hard at recruiting for the event at open mics and via social networking, and we had several people come for the first time.
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We have been very excited as our relationship building among the lost families continues to bear fruit for the kingdom in so many ways. One way most recently is in our two public school Bible Clubs. One in our local middle/elementary school and our other one in our local regional high school which serves four towns including our own!

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Here in the New York, we are praising the Lord for His awesome work and faithfulness!! Steve and Audrey Tice are seeing lots of fruit in their Bible reading groups coming from insider relationships of their music school and community and neighbors. He has been working hard the past year and a half to train and bring together a team of Church Discipleship Ministry teachers and trainers in our area from staff and stakeholder across New Jersey and New York City.
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Hi Everyone! Well, what is going on in the NYC Metro Mission? Well, first of all, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that the Yankees winning their 27th World Series Championship was definitely a highlight!
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On the Metro Team, the Puleo's, along with being involved with the upcoming Greg Laurie Crusade at Jones Beach in June, are active as ever evangelizing and reaching their neighbors for Christ.
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