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Be inspired, challenged, encouraged and motivated from stories around the country of like-minded friends who are also ministering and reaching out. If you would like to submit your own story – please send us an email.

I recently visited Mike and Susan in New Orleans and enjoyed eating great food, meeting lots of their friends, and some New Orleans style partying. Mike and Susan exemplify living and discipling among the lost. They are laborers who are fulfilling our Calling. Let me briefly tell you Mike's story.
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I first met Erik in a class for seekers at Northshore Baptist Church. His girlfriend had found a website for a Discovery class at the church. Erik and I connected quickly and found that we liked chatting about the big questions in life. The class lasted for a year and Erik had taken steps toward Jesus but had not become a follower.
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Mary Jo and I are reading The Serpent of Paradise. a book written by Erwin Lutzer that provides an in-depth understanding of our enemy, the devil. The book is sharpening our awareness of the spiritual battle around us, while encouraging us to trust God more fully in life's various contexts. These contexts include helping not-yet-believers come to faith in Jesus. Below are a few stories of some dear people in our lives we care about and seek prayer for.
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Not long ago Lelah and I were teaching a group of folks some of the “How To’s” of reaching out to those in their world. One of the things I communicated to them was that all around them in their neighborhood and their workplace there were people who did not know Christ, but these same people might be open to relationship with others.
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Scott and his brother Rich come from a Jewish heritage. Rich lived in a different city and accepted Christ first. When he felt Scott was ready, he called me up, wondering if I would look up his brother. First, we read in Proverbs together. Then, after moving to the New Testament, Scott made a decision to believe in Christ. Later, he brought Sarah, his fiancée, to our home. When we explained the Gospel to Sarah, she too believed in Christ. So the Gospel moved from Rich to Scott to Sarah.
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What does it mean to "live" in your neighborhood? In this age of garage door openers, fences to separate houses and a hectic lifestyle how do we live in our neighborhoods in such a way that our neighbors get a complete picture of the good news of Jesus? Is it just a matter of getting them to our church so they can hear a message from the Bible? Is it bringing them to a crusade at a stadium event? These may be very good things if the timing and the setting is right.
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