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While speaking at our Navigator Men's Fellowship Breakfast, I was introduced to a young man named Nicholas. I ran into him the following month outside our breakfast meeting. When I saw him, I said, "Hi Nicholas, how are you?" He smiled from ear to ear and said, "You remembered my name." There was an immediate bonding that took place through the simple act of remembering his name.
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Once a year we put together a retreat for Indians from India living in the USA. This year, 30 professionals, students and families met in Le Grange, Texas. The retreat was very cultural in its dress, food, topics, and even the language spoken. Most of the time, it's a mixed group of believers and non-believers. We have several new believers. The strength of the group is that we see individuals come to know Christ and then take the Gospel back home. One of these attendees is my friend N. He was born into a Hindu family with two younger brothers. They weren't overly religious only going to the temples for special events.

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Bill Roberson: With the help of a friend I was discipling, I launched Equipped Disciple, a three part discipleship class designed to help people become rooted, built up and strengthened as a fruitful follower of Christ. We began the first class with 10 people, and the next semester my friend took that group through Equipped Disciple 2 while I taught a new group the 1st class. Since then, people have been applying what they've learned by sharing Christ with others and discipling new believers. As a result, more than 1,100 people have taken part in Equipped Disciple so far.
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