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Be inspired, challenged, encouraged and motivated from stories around the country of like-minded friends who are also ministering and reaching out. If you would like to submit your own story – please send us an email.

Every month at Faith@Work, I stand in front of up to 150 Albuquerque businesswomen and <strong>I challenge them to consider how they might take Jesus to work with them.</strong> I introduce them to women who are finding creative ways to live out their faith in their workplaces, and we hear their stories.
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I recently looked around the room at my Albuquerque Metro Team and realized that every single one of them is regularly influencing my ministry and my family life. My main role in ministry is to coordinate a large kids program in my neighborhood called Juntos and to mentor young leaders there.
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Looking around the crowded living room at the 25-30 Nav staff and stakeholders eating, laughing and talking animatedly about their ministries recently, it would be hard not to think of this tight knit group of people as family. And what a unique, diverse family it is! We are a melting pot of Hispanic, Anglo, Protestant, Catholic and Native American cultures. We are also a family of multiple generations, ranging from five staff in their twenties to staff and stakeholders who've been with the Navigators for over twenty years. Our differences only serve to unite us as we come together to fellowship, learn from each other, support one another and grow.
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Gustavo Medina talks about urban ministry in Albuquerque.
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Phil Ward lives in Albuquerque. He works with the Navigators Collegiate Mission as well as in the Metro team there.
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Laura Jenkins lives in Albuquerque. She works with youth among other things.
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Story about "success" in Albuquerque.
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Here is a story from Karen Warin in Albuquerque. Karen works with business women through Faith@Work.
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Here is a story from Ismael Aguirre in Albuquerque.
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Here is a story from Denell Bundt in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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