To the Fourth Generation

From Dallas Metro Stakeholder Bill Roberson

Bill Roberson: With the help of a friend I was discipling, I launched Equipped Disciple, a three part discipleship class designed to help people become rooted, built up and strengthened as a fruitful follower of Christ. We began the first class with 10 people, and the next semester my friend took that group through Equipped Disciple 2 while I taught a new group the 1st class. Since then, people have been applying what they've learned by sharing Christ with others and discipling new believers. As a result, more than 1,100 people have taken part in Equipped Disciple so far.

One of the men I've had the privilege of discipling is Bobby. When we met, Bobby was a young, single guy who was just learning about what a relationship with Christ was all about. As he went through Equipped Disciple, it was obvious to me that he was a reliable man who had a real talent for teaching others. He began leading in this ministry and discipling a young man named Michael. Michael has gone on to serve others, and I've seen the discipleship that began with Bobby go on to four generations of new believers (so far).

Leading and discipling other men as we follow Christ has been a real blessing in my life. When I'm helping others, I must be certain that I'm practicing what I preach. Discipling others strengthens me in ways I might miss out on if I wasn't in leadership. And it's given me a chance to see an explosion in 'spiritual multiplication; as men and women share Christ with others and disciple new believers toward a fruitful relationship with Him.

Bobby: Through Equipped Disciple, I got to know other men, like Bill, who had been steeped in God's Word. They had unbelievable wisdom and helped establish the foundation for spiritual growth in my life. I emulated what I learned from them in my own walk with Christ. I met Michael through Equipped Disciple. He was a brand new believer, and what I immediately noticed was his genuine desire to know more about God's Word. His eagerness to learn more about the Bible made the time we spent together even more rewarding because I had to be more diligent to study Scripture in order to disciple him. He's gone on to lead in Equipped Disciple, and help many other men know the Truth about Christ. Today, I continue to disciple other men and also lead 4th and 5th graders toward faith in Christ as a church staff member. What a privilege it is to see faith take root in the lives of kids and adults, in the same way it did in my life in my early 30's.

Michael: I became a believer on October 26, 2006, and joined Equipped Disciple because I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing as a follower of Christ. Bobby was my group leader through all three classes, which was awesome. Through the process, I was taught the building blocks of faith, and as I grew deeper in my relationship with Christ, I learned how to share my testimony and the gospel with people who needed to know Him. It was a great experience, and God used it to make it clear that I needed to begin to help others learn the vital things that Bobby showed me. I started leading in Equipped Disciple and continued to sharpen my skills in discipleship and Bible study as well.

Today, my relationship with the Lord is rich. I've been able to use Scripture to speak into the lives of others in my community, family (and with myself).And I've shared the gospel with several people, including my mother, who is Jewish, but non-practicing. Along with my friend, Kevin, we are leading a community group of young adults with special needs. We have three members so far, and are beginning to go through the first lessons in Equipped Disciple. It's challenging, but worth it to know that these men may come to understand God's forgiveness, grace and love for them.

The discipleship I received has not only strengthened me as I lead Equipped Disciple, but it's also helped me as I recently married my beautiful bride, Jennifer. She's involved in the classes as well, and we have been able to continually encourage one another with the Bible reading we do together. It's taught us how to love God first and keep Him in the center of our lives. Through Christ, we're both blessed way beyond what we deserve.

Equipped Disciple uses The Navigators 2:7 Series for their material.

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